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Annual sales volume of USD 10,000,000+

30 years of experience in valve industry

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Válvula de unión de Tianjin Co., Ltd. es un fabricante profesional de válvulas con un capital registrado de 10 millones de yuanes. Debido al posicionamiento preciso en el mercado, la excelente calidad del producto, la gestión interna estandarizada, ahora ha tomado forma una nueva empresa moderna china y disfruta de una buena reputación en la industria de válvulas y fundición de China. Nuestra empresa cuenta con fábricas modernas, equipos de prueba y procesamiento de fabricación, una gran fuerza técnica y más de 200 empleados, incluidos trabajadores calificados de la línea de montaje y personal técnico experimentado en el campo de las válvulas. Ahora nuestra empresa ha pasado la certificación del sistema de gestión de calidad ISO9001: 2008 y la certificación CE.

No solo fabricamos una variedad de válvulas estándar, sino que también diseñamos y producimos válvulas de acuerdo con los requisitos del cliente. Nuestros productos principales incluyen: válvula de mariposa con centro de brida, válvula de mariposa excéntrica, válvula de mariposa de metal, válvula de compuerta, válvula de bola, válvula de retención, filtro, válvula de globo, juntas blandas, etc. Estos productos son ampliamente utilizados en petróleo, productos químicos, suministro y drenaje de agua urbana, papel, electrónica, construcción naval, medicina, construcción, alimentos y otras industrias. Tianjin Union Valve Co., Ltd disfruta de una buena fama en una gran cantidad de clientes en virtud de la buena calidad de sus productos y su sistema de servicio perfecto. Ahora nuestros productos se venden bien en Europa y América, Sudeste Asiático, Medio Oriente, Australia, África del Norte, Corea del Sur, Hong Kong, Taiwán y docenas de países y regiones.

El propósito de nuestra empresa es: soporte profesional y técnico, ¡servicio postventa perfecto!

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Industries That We Serve

As one of the best valve factories in China, IMGV has been serving various market sectors where pipes and valves play an integral role. These industries demand high-quality valves which, in turn, increases the productivity of their industrial plants.

● Wastewater Treatment、Urban water supply

● Petroleum Refinery Industry

● Chemical Refinery Industry

● Power Generation Industry

● Pipeline Transportation Industry

Quality Assurance Testing We Use

We know that part of being globally competitive is providing continuous quality control and oversight. Our supervisors and managers are always on the lookout for small problems so that our level of quality is maintained from start to finish. Our on-site plant is equipped with testing machines that will ensure that every valve we release is the best it can be.

● Material testing machines

● Hardness testing machines

● Thickness gauging machines

● Water pressure air pressure testing

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Customer Satisfaction

Our manufacturing plant works round the clock to provide its customers forged and cast steel valves which can be customized to the preferences of the clients. We take pride in being able to meet production deadlines and provide our clients with what they need through the efficient production chain. Our technicians are experts in their fields and are committed to delivering the products in the allotted delivery schedules. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we aim to deliver our products according to the specifications provided to us by our customers. Our employees understand that time is important. When we commit to a certain timeframe, rest assured that this would be done so.
Check out our customer testimonials below:

Because of Union excellent Job, help us get many project orders for water supply & drainage system. They are very professional as a valve factory. We always reply on their help.


We cooperate with Union for about 6 years, They helped us enlarged our Market. Our order amount more than 5 million dollar per year now. Union very stable for the valve quality and delivery time which is very important to us.


First cooperation since year 2008, Union offer us butterfly valve parts, and teach us how to assembling the whole valve, because their help and cooperation, Now we are a leading factory in local. They also improve their valve quality, package and other items time by time, which is very pleasant for us.


Union price is very competitive compare to other suppliers, base on the quality they supplied. They always give us best solution for some projects, such as the valve type, material and pressure the actual medium use, how to select the electric /pneumatic actuator, how can reduce the cost and so on, very Lucky for us to have Union as our supplier.